Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Chris The Computer Genius.

This week our class interviewed Chris. Chris went to UC Berkeley in California. His major is in Computer Science. He is the co-founder of Educreations. Khan Academy inspired him to make Educreations. He was interested in education because some members of his family are teachers. His idea for Educreations started when he worked at a computer company. He and a friend were not  happy.  So he and his friend wanted to do something more interesting. Educreations is a place where anyone can easily create any lessons. He said you should enjoy working where your working. They get feed back from teachers and kids. Chris said a computer programming is just another language. His six grade teacher Mr. Peach inspired him to work with computers. He said if he had a different career it would still be using computers and stuff. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Our Magnificent Interview with Jackie

This week our class interviewed Jackie. Jackie went to South Caraliona University for college.  Scott was her inspiration to become a journalist. Jackie said if she had a different job she would own a Bakery. Her job is a Associate Director of Student Media. Jackie said she had to triple check her work so, she doesn't make any mistakes. She loves working with college student because there fun and interesting. They are fun because they are learning and growing. They are learning about themselves and the world. Reviewing your work is very important. Sometimes your first idea is not your best idea. Part of her job is to critique students work in the newspaper. You want to be sure that all of your facts are correct. She has had four people check over her work. Her advice for her students was to reread there work and ask themselves how do they know it. When ever you publish something it's hard to get it back. Your reputation could be damaged. She thinks we should find a mentor in college, so he or she can help you succeed.

The Journey with Samantha

This week we interviewed Samantha. Samantha works as a pharmacist at St. Mary's in Decatur Illinois.  Samantha  is like an safety officer. Nurses and doctors call her and she picks the right and safe medicine. So the patients become healthy, and  they will be able to go home. She takes orders from nurses and doctors. She tells the nurses the safe mixture of different types of Medicine so they can get well. She has to double check her work to make sure she doesn't have any mistakes. Samantha works with other pharmacist. Before she worked at the hospital she worked at Target. Did you that there are two types of pharmacist retail and hospital? She works the evening shift because the hospital is open 24 hours. She needs to remember to stay calm so she doesn't make mistakes. She's not only working at St. Mary's, in the evening she also gets orders from Effingham and Streeter. She was good at math and science. That's how she became a Pharmacist.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Our very adventurous interview with Elizabeth.

This week our Class interviewed Elizbeth. Elizbeth is a fashion designer. She works with Christan Cota. Elizbeth went to college at INDIANA University. She is going back to school to be consular to help people who take drugs and alcohol. She said she is very exited. Elizbeth works with other people. She said she loves working with other people because if she needs help they are able to help her. Did you know when she was little she use't to play sports but know she doesn't. Elizbeth said sh loved playing sports. She gave us some good advice if we want to be a fashion designer. She said research your favorite designer and see what taste of cloths the wear. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

My very interesting review with Leigh the broker.

This week we interviewed Leigh and she works at REMAXX. She helps people find houses. A interesting fact about Leigh is that she works a full time job. She says she loves working with other people. Leigh went to Floridia State for four years to do music and she did not want to do music. Then she went to UNC. She loves learning about different things. Leigh says she does not being bossed around. Did you know that Leigh lives in Charlotte? Something interesting about her is that she was awaitress when she was in high school. Something about Leigh is that she also worked at broker. Something else about her is that she worked with her dad. But now she Owns the shop. Did you know that she was driving when she was 13? Leigh told us that she also lived in the Southen State of Texas. Another one of her jobs was that she worked at a chainsaw place store where you teach people how to use a chainsaw. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

My interview with Emily the Digital Strategist

This week we interviewed Emily and she works at M Booth. She says she loves working with computers and technology. She also says to read a lot because she read a lot when she was a kid which helped her get smarter and made her brain neurons grow. An interesting fact about Emily is that she rides a train to work everyday. She works with other companies like Amex and Google. She also says that there are more people in New York City than Chicago and that is how she met a lot of friends. She went to college at Indiana University and that's where she met our teachers sister Elizabeth. Emily lives in Brooklyn New York.  She went to IU so she could stay close to her family. Emily gave us some really good advice by saying that we should never be afraid to try new things. She told us if she had a choice of a different job she would be a designer. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My College

I want to go to Oregon because of there football team and because I want to meet a lot of new people. Also because of there campus. There location it is in Portland Oregon and for my college degree I want to be a Business Agent. And for my career I want to be a football player. I chose Oregon University because I think it will be a great college for me. I chose to be a football player and sports agent because they get a lot of money and it will help me with things that I need help with like bills, kids, food, shelter, cars and that other stuff but thats why I want to go to Oregon University and become a football player and a football agent.  Also because I really like there colors they are green and yellow. And because they have a little bit of parties after football games. And because there campus is big. And because  there college is big to. That is why I want to go to Oregon university. A Sports Agent is a person who procures and negotiates employment and endorsement contracts for a player. I want to be a sports agent because I can give my player endorsement money. Also so I can help football players.